Video Shorts & Reels – November 2023

by tommyedison
November 2023 Shorts & Reels

How A Blind Person Knows How To Smile

Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, talks about how he learned how to smile for photos.

What Do Blind People See?

Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, talks about what he sees.

Do Blind People Visualize Things In Their Mind?

Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, explains what he imagines when he thinks about a specific object.

Do Blind People Turn On The Lights At Home?

Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, responds to the popular question about whether or not a blind person turns on the lights at home when they’re alone.

YouTuber Time Capsule 2013

We posted a video on Sunday that includes footage of YouTubers at VidCon in 2013. Seeing all the familiar faces is making everyone feel nostalgic so we put together this reel to highlight some of the YouTubers featured in the video (Lia Marie Johnson, JacksFilms, Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Smosh, Grace Helbig, William TheSuperSherman, Mike Chang, Hank Green, DeStorm Power, Amazing Phil, Michael Stevens, Bear Vasquez, Greg Benson, Hannah Hart, Christina Grimmie, Joe Bereta, Shira Lazar, Olga Kay, Athena Stamakinley, Phil DeFranco, Jackson Harris, Harley Morenstein, Tyler Ward).

Tommy & Michael from @Vsauce Talk Depth Perception

Watch the full video of Tommy and Michael Stevens from Vsauce meeting for the first time and talking about depth perception and human senses at VidCon in August 2013.

Blind Person’s Perspective of the Sun & Sky

Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, explains his perception of something that is untouchable or intangible – the sun and the sky.

Blind Person Faces His Fears In The Batting Cage

Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, goes to the batting cage for the first time to try to hit a baseball. He’s joined by his friend, Norton, who teaches Tommy how to hit a baseball and guides him in the batting cage.

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