Blind vs Legally Blind 2: Fireworks, Driving, Taking Photos, & Writing Notes?

by tommyedison
Thumbnail shows Tommy and legally blind YouTuber James Rath with fireworks in the background; Text reads Blind vs Legally Blind Part 2

Tommy Edison, who was born blind, and James Rath, who is legally blind, talk about and demonstrate the differences between being blind and legally blind. They discuss how they each experience fireworks, if they can drive a car, how do they take a photo, and when they write print. Tommy’s blindness is caused by an underdeveloped optic nerve and James’ blindness is caused by albinism and nystagmus.

This video is part 2 of our video “What Are The Differences Between Being Blind & Legally Blind?” published in 2016.


Steven Beddall – “Beautiful Haze”
Agustin – “Pulse”
Bob Hart – “Come of Age”

Ben Churchill

Watch Tommy on James’ channel where they talk about Audio Description – an additional narration track in movies and TV intended primarily for blind and visually impaired that describes the visual aspects of a film or show.

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