Do Restaurants Have Braille Menus?

by tommyedison
Do Restaurants Have Braille Menus?

Tommy answers a subscriber’s question about how blind people go to restaurants and if someone has to read the menu to him. Tommy calls 10 local, national, and international chain restaurants to ask them, “do you have a braille menu?” Then Tommy takes a trip to one of the restaurants to see a braille menu for himself.

Here’s the list of restaurants we called (in order of appearance):
Plan B Burger Bar (4 locations) – No
Citrus (1 locations) – No
Athenian Diner (3 locations) – No
T.G.I. Friday’s (over 1000 locations) – No
Archie Moore’s (5 locations) – No
Chili’s Grill & Bar (over 1400 locations) – No
Applebee’s (over 2000 locations) – Yes!
The Cheesecake Factory (over 120 locations) – Yes!
Southport Brewing Company (5 locations) – No
Outback Steakhouse (over 1000 locations) – Yes!

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