Video Shorts & Reels – August 2023

by tommyedison
August 2023 Shorts

Can A Blind Person Write Print?

Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, tries to write his name in print.

A Car Wash Through A Blind Person’s Perspective

Tommy goes for a ride through an automatic car wash and reacts to the different sounds it makes.

Cover Songs vs Their Originals Vol. 2

Tommy runs downs some of the best and worst versions of “Dancing In The Street” by Martha and The Vandellas. Featuring Van Halen, The Critters, The Struts, Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2, and David Bowie & Mick Jagger.

How A Blind Person Uses Echolocation (featuring Daniel Kish)

Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, watches a video about Daniel Kish who is blind and uses echolocation to help ride a bike and hike in the forest.

H3’s Ethan Klein Reacts To A Blind Man’s Description of Him

H3 Podcast’s Ethan Klein watches Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, describing what he thinks Ethan looks like.

Covers Songs vs Their Originals Vol. 1

Tommy talks about some his favorite and least favorite cover songs while comparing them to their originals. Featuring Toto – “Africa” vs. Weezer – “Africa”; Frank Sinatra – “My Way” vs. Gipsy Kings – “A Mi Manera”; Don McLean – “American Pie” vs. Madonna – “American Pie”

What I Do When I’m Not Making Videos

Tommy talks about the work he does outside of YouTube as a speaker or a guest at events. If you’re interested in having Tommy at your event, visit

Reacting To The Walt Disney Pictures Logo With Audio Description For Blind People

Tommy, who’s been blind since birth, reacts to the audio description of the Walt Disney Pictures animated logo.

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