Feeling A Vintage Car With “Teeth” When You’re Blind

by tommyedison
Thumbnail shows Tommy smiling next to a 1957 Chevy; Text reads See By Touch!

Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, touches and feels a custom 1957 Chevy with grille teeth with the help of car designer Fireball Tim Lawrence and Ken Vela from Wikd Kustoms.

This video was recorded in July 2015 but wasn’t published on YouTube. The footage was part of a longer segment in which Tommy and Fireball Tim took a ride in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and visited the Picture Car Warehouse in Southern California so Tommy could experience vehicles, featured in Hollywood movies, by touch. This scene was cut from the original video for time, but we really enjoyed it so we’re making it available now.


Blind Man Rides A Fast Car & ‘Sees” Hollywood Vehicles

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Omri Smadar – “Blue Mountain Inn”
Walz – “Deployed”
Ryan Prewett – “Casio Bossa”
Walz – “The Return”

Ben Churchill
Erik Stone

Recorded in Malibu, CA
July 2015

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