10th Anniversary Special – Blind Film Critic

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts At 4:45 • Introduction • 10th Anniversary of Posting Videos on YouTube • 8:46 • How The Blind Film Critic YouTube Channel Started • 13:01 • Test Footage Before The First Blind Film Critic Review • More Out-takes! • 19:56 • Tommy Reviews “Dazed & Confused” (1993) • 30:00 • Has Tommy Ever Seen Shallow Hal? • 32:02 • The Movie That Almost Ended The Blind Film Critic Channel in 2011 • 39:39 • Playlists Available of Movie Reviews Organized By Tommy’s Score/Rating • 40:55 • What’s Tommy’s Experience With Older Media Formats? (VHS, Video 8, LaserDisc, VideoDisc, 8mm Film, DVD) • 51:39 • How Blind People Watch Movies Using Video Description • Examples of Video Description (Die Hard, Fight Club) • 57:38 • Tommy Reviews “Vanilla Sky” (2001) • And More!

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