Episode 51 – Blind Jokes

by tommyedison

In episode 51, Tommy talks about the Kevin Brennan documentary “Almost Famous” by Porsalin, Baseball season starting, when he went to the batting cage (with video), the new band member on Kill Tony who’s blind, England’s new accessible currency, and more. Topics/chapters with timestamps below.

0:00 – Pre-Show
8:03 – Introduction; June’s Remix: Tommy Edison: C’mon Man
12:54 – Tommy Bought Sound Gear Online Without Listening To It, How Did It Go?
16:15 – President Joe Biden’s Easter Message
21:02 – Baseball Season Started; How Tommy Became of Fan of Baseball; Full Video of Tommy Going To The Batting Cage In 2010
33:03 – Do American’s Wear Their Shoes Inside Their Homes?
34:52 – “Almost Famous” Documentary About Comedian Kevin Brennan; Kevin Brennan Sounds Just Like This Other Comedian From The 1980s
42:50 – Facebook Group Update
45:35 – Kill Tony’s New Band Member Is Blind; All The Blind Jokes on Kill Tony So Far
53:32 – New Patreon Members; Watch Last Week’s Patreon-only Live Stream
54:55 – England Currency Will Be Accessible For Blind People
57:46 – Who Are Tommy’s Favorite Stand Up Comedians?

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