Episode 45 – Pictures In Your Mind

by tommyedison

In episode 45, Tommy talks about his collection of 45 RPM records, an update on his move, video games for blind people, blind contestants on classic TV game shows, listens to the Space To Sound video, and more. Topics/chapters with timestamps below.

0:00 – Pre-Show
7:17 – Introduction
9:16 – How Moving Can Be Like Christmas When Unpacking Lost And Forgotten Items
14:22 – Are Wind Chimes Annoying?
20:24 – Tommy’s Collection of 45 RPM Records From When He Was A Teenager
30:01 – Can of Questions; Has Tommy Ever Touched A Deer’s Antlers?; Which Blind Characters in Movies Are Your Favorite?
34:48 – SuperChat; If Tommy Could Design A Video Game That Didn’t Require Vision To Play, What Would It Be Like?
39:05 – What Happens When You Play Your Live Stream During The Same Live Stream?
41:05 – Dick Clark Talks About Blind Contestants On The $25,000 Pyramid
44:45 – SuperChat; Has Tommy Ever Heard Those Images of Space That Process The Raw Data Into Sound? (‘Space to Sound’ by Astrum)

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