Episode 40 – Voices

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts At: 4:10 • Introduction • 5:58 • People Trying To Drive in Snowstorms Around The World • 14:40 • New Sound Clips For The Show • 18:34 • First Ladies Melania Trump and Jill Biden • 20:04 • News Anchor Steve Bartelstein & Weatherman Bill Evans Get Into An Argument During A News Story About Melania Trump • News Anchors Paul Moyer and Ann Martin Argue Before Going On The Air • 27:29 • Can of Questions • Is There Anything About Narrators’ Voices That Bothers Tommy? • 31:00 • Has Tommy Ever Wanted To Have Children? • Is There A Greater Change That Your Child Would Be Born Blind? • 34:09 • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Turtle? • 36:05 • Unique 300 Year Old Japanese Tradition For Newlywed Grooms • 40:14 • Arnold Schwarzenegger Hams It Up As He Gets The Vaccine • 42:58 • The Woman Behind The Voice At 200 Airports • Words That People Commonly Mispronounce • Why Does Tommy Pronounce The Word “France” The Way He Does? • Wrap Up • And More!

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