Episode 39 – Snakes

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts At 4:30 • Live Streaming The Podcast on Multiple Platforms • 6:07 • New Sounds For The Show • 9:33 • National Guard in Washington D.C. Reminds Us Of Retro TV Commercials For The Army and National Guard • 20:49 • Paraplegic Climber Attempts To Scale Hong Kong Skyscraper • 28:04 • SuperChat • The Showgram Is Now Available Multiple Platforms • Patreon Welcome • 30:14 • Has There Ever Been A Teacher That Had Taken Issue With Tommy Being Left-Handed? • 32:38 • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Bird? • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Snake? • 36:28 • Would You Ever Get A Snake Massage? • 40:35 • Why Do Joe Biden’s Press Conferences Appear To Be Recorded In An Old Theater? • 42:18 • What’s That Smell? – Round 2 • 50:30 • SuperChat • What’s On Your Bucket List? • 52:30 • Wrap Up • Video Versions of the Podcast Are Now Available On Patreon • 53:58 • SuperChat • How Does Faith Play Into Your Life? • And More!

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