Episode 35 – What’s That Smell?

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts At 4:40 • Introduction • New Platform Schedule for the Podcast • 7:21 • New Sound Clips For The Show • Awkward Moment During Joe & Jill Biden’s Appearance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest • 12:00 • More New Sound For The Show • 12:59 • How Was President Trump Voted Most Admired Man In 2020 If The Mainstream Media Tells People Otherwise? • Biden Supporters React To Trump Being Named Most Admired Man (The Daily Caller) • 16:37 • The Pandemic Didn’t Stop New Yorkers From Taking The New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge Into Freezing Water • 20:15 • Can of Questions • Has Tommy Found Smart Home Devices To Be Beneficial To Him? • 24:00 • Were Tommy’s Sisters Ever Bullied Growing Up For Having A Blind Brother? • Were Tommy’s Parents Ever Banned From Somewhere For Having A Child Who’s Blind? • 27:12 • SuperChat • A Viewer Challenges Tommy To Create A Character For Himself To Play In A Movie • Tommy Always Wanted To Play This Type of Character On A TV Show • 30:33 • What’s The Philadelphia Mummers Parade That Became A Protest When The Mayor Tried To Cancel It? • Newfoundland Teaches Us About The History of Mummering • 38:17 • Tommy Learns Something New About How People Walk • 40:35 • New Game on the Podcast – What’s That Smell? • 48:16 • Look Ahead At The Podcast on Wednesday • And More!

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