Episode 34 – Goodbye 2020

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts At 4:20 • Introduction • 5:50 • New Sound Clips For The Podcast • 8:20 • NYPD Urges People To Stay Away From Times Square on New Year’s Eve • Ryan Seacrest Doesn’t Sound Excited For This Year’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Show • 15:13 • Two Sisters Who Do Everything Together… Even Giving Birth! • 21:05 • Tommy Reacts To Twitch Banning The Term “Blind Playthrough” • In The Future, Wednesday’s Episodes of the Podcast Will Be Live On Twitch (The Podcast Will Remain Live on Sundays on YouTube) • 27:24 • A Viewer of the Podcast Shares His Take On Christmas And The Season’s First Snow • 30:12 • Patron Question: Has Tommy Ever Sought Treatment For His Tremors? • 32:41 • Looking Back At 2020 – Final Presidential Debate 2020 Remix Ft. Lil’ KC (From WTFBrahh) & Boris Johnson x Stormzy’s Vossi Bop Remix Video • 37:52 • Tommy Celebrates Not Smoking For 15 Years • 40:36 • Looking Back At 2020 – Tommy Responds To The Most Popular Comments On The “Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind?” Video • And More!

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Producer: Ben Churchill

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