Episode 32 – Unbelievable Holiday

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts At: 5:10 • Christmas Music • Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside” • New Sound Bites & Sound Effects For The Podcast • 14:50 • Santa Claus Scaring Small Children • 17:38 • Joe & Jill Biden Sing “Happy Birthday” To Dr. Anthony Fauci • 23:04 • Was Heath Ledger Inspired By Tom Waits Voice For The Joker in “The Dark Knight”? • 26:00 • “A Christmas Story” Parents Were Drunk On Christmas Morning • 29:54 • Tommy Watches A Clip From “Christmas Vacation” When Chevy Chase Lights Up The House • 35:22 • Bad Censorship of Movies on TV – Die Hard 2 • 39:35 • Can of Questions • What Do You Think Snow Looks Like When It’s Falling? • How Do Blind People Use Toothpaste? • Did You Know That Toothpaste Comes Out in Different Colors & Stripes? • What Does Toothpaste Feel Like? • Where In Connecticut Did You Grow Up? • 46:35 • New Movies On Streaming – Wonder Woman 1984 • We Can Be Heroes • Soul • And More!

Listen or download episode 32 here: http://bit.ly/38F4QfD

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