Episode 30 – Sunday Night Live

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts at 4:36 • Shortest Day of The Year & The Sundance Channel • 6:49 • New Sound Bites For The Podcast • 11:00 • Jim Carrey Steps Down from Playing Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live • Clips of Jim Carrey’s Impression of Joe Biden • 16:10 • Can of Questions • When Ben Walked Into Tommy’s Apartment For The First Time, What Were Some of the Quirks He Noticed About The Way A Blind Man Keeps His Home? (Part 1) • Holiday Party Story – The First Time Tommy & Ben Hung Out • 20:11 • ‘Quirks’ Question (Part 2) • 22:17 • Deaf Blind 17-year-old Becomes Champion Level Bowler • 29:13 • Can of Questions • Do Strangers Ever Ask Blind People Directly If They’re Blind? • 31:01 • Which Hand Gestures Do You Know And How Did You Learn Them? • Fact-Checking Information Panels on YouTube • Which Topics Get You Fact-Checked On YouTube? • 43:30 • SuperChat • What’s Your Favorite Movie? • “Down By Law” Movie Starring Tom Waits, John Lurie, & Roberto Benigni • 48:10 • Can of Questions • When A Blind Person Has A Service Dog, Can They Trust The Dog To Make The Right Choice Every Time? • And More!

Listen or download episode 30 here: http://bit.ly/2WAse8q

Which Topics Get You Fact-Checked On YouTube? (Confirmed: 12/20/2020)
U.S. elections
Voting By Mail
Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Area 51
Apollo space program
Robert F. Kennedy
Jeffrey Epstein alive
New World Order
Flat Earth
Climate Change / Global warming
FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
Contrails or Chem-trails

Search Terms That Did NOT Show A Fact-Check Information Panel (12/20/2020)
Twin Towers
Loch Ness Monster
Black Helicopters
False Flag Operations
George Soros
Barack Obama Birth Certificate

Wikipedia – List of Conspiracies

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