Episode 29 – The Matrix Plow

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts At 4:29 • Introduction • We Live Streamed On Twitch For Episode 28 of The Podcast • 8:11 • Snowstorm Hits The Northeast (Philadelphia, Boston, New York, New Haven) • 13:34 • Walking Through Manhattan During The Snowstorm On Wednesday • 17:10 • Another Snow Plow Accident On The Highway • 19:03 • Cars Are Crashing Into Restaurant’s Outdoor Dining Areas • 26:03 • SuperChat: What Kind of Storm Do You Think Is The Coolest? Thunderstorm, Hurricane, Tornado, Snowstorm, Sand Storm? • 27:42 • Can of Questions • How Should I Help Someone Who Is Blind While We Are Eating? • Name A Trait You Got From Your Mother And Father? • 31:21 • Are There Any Organizational Habits That Sighted People Use That Drive You Crazy? • 33:11 • “The Glitch In The Matrix” Trailer Released This Week • Philip K. Dick’s Speech About Living In A Simulation in 1977 • 38:11 • “Promising Young Woman” Movie Clip & Trailer Released This Week • 43:28 • ASMR Sounds of Skateboarding • Looking Back At Tommy Learning How To Ride An Electric Skateboard with Sara Dietschy • And More!

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