Episode 26 – Come On, Man

by tommyedison

Topics: Show Starts at 4:20 • Podcast Returns After Solving Technical Issues • 7:47 • First Nor’easter of the Season • Snow Plow Accident Caught On Tape • Snowstorm Causes Car Accident & The Rescue Goes Wrong • 17:48 • Can of Questions • Are There Braille Label Makers? • If You Blow Air On A Blind Person’s Eyeballs, Do They Feel It? • 24:26 • Welcoming The New Members of Patreon • Does Tommy Remember What Methods Were Used To Initially Teach Him How To Read, Write And Speak? • Does Tommy Have A Hobby Or Something He Likes To Do In His Free Time? • 35:07 • Guessing Objects Found In The Airbnb (Part 1) • 42:25 • SuperChat: How Does Tommy Prepare And Remember Everything For The Podcast? Does Tommy Use Braille or Just Have A Good Memory? • 44:00 • Guessing Objects Found In The Airbnb (Part 2) • Who Started “Come On, Man”? • And More!

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