Episode 24 – Post-Thanksgiving

by tommyedison

Topics: Trying Live Podcast Episodes • Thanksgiving Movies • Planes, Trains, & Automobiles • Scent of a Woman (English & Italian versions) • Profumo di Donna • Patreon Question: What Does Tommy Think of the British Royal Family? • Patreon Welcome & Question: When is it Too Early To Celebrate Christmas? • Patreon Question: When is the Best Time To Start Celebrating Christmas in the UK and the US? • When Radio Stations Change To Playing 24 Hours of Christmas/Holiday Music • Favorite Christmas Songs • Is 2020 Black Friday Shopping Quieter Than Normal? • News Media Has Conflicting Stories About Black Friday in 2020 • Retro Thanksgiving Day TV Commercials • Vintage Black Friday TV Commercials • Patreon Question: Is There A Particular Musical Note Or Even An Audio Frequency That You Enjoy The Most? • Patreon Question: What Is The Best Christmas Gift You Ever Received? • And More!

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