Episode 22 – On The Road

by tommyedison

Topics: The Podcast Is On the Road • Would You Host Your Home on Airbnb? • Airbnb Host Allegedly Scammed Out of $6000 By An Influencer • Patron Welcome & Questions • Can You Distinguish Different Bit-Rates in Digital Music Files? • What is Your Favorite Medium to Listen to Music? • Can You Whistle and Hum at the Same Time? • 100th Anniversary of Radio • Reenactment of the First Radio Broadcast on KDKA • The Evolution of Radio Through Jingles (1920s, 1950s – 2010s) • Can You Identify This Famous Newsmaker on The Radio in 1997? • Patron Questions: What’s Your Favorite Meal? • How Do Tommy and Other Blind People Navigate During The CV? • Good Mythical Morning’s Blind Taste Tests • Why Does Tommy Sound Like He Has A Connection To Ireland? • Clips of Irish Accents • And More!

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