Episode 19 – Blind

by tommyedison

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Topics: Welcoming The Latest Patrons • Patreon Question: When It Comes Choosing Clothes Or Sunglasses, Do You Prefer What Is Most Comfortable Or What Looks Good To Other People? • Tommy’s Dress Code In High School • Movies Tommy Was Too Cool To Watch • Stereo Television • “Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind?” Follow Up • Responding To More Clips About Stevie Wonder’s Blindness Featuring Moe713 of High Roots TV • Why Haven’t We Seen Stevie Wonder Using A White Cane? • Why Does Stevie Wonder Wear A Wristwatch If He’s Blind? • How Do Blind People Tell Time? • The YouTube Purge and How It Affects This Podcast • Did You Know That Rudy Giuliani Has A YouTube Channel? • Hunter Biden’s Computer Repairman Is Legally Blind • Bill Maher Weighs In On The Legally Blind Computer Repairman • Bruce Willis Reprises Die Hard’s John McClane For A Battery Commercial • Laura Wolk, The First Blind Woman To Serve As A Law Clerk on the SCOTUS & Former Student of Amy Coney Barrett • Can of Questions • Are you Blind Or Illegally (Legally) Blind? • Learning How To Stay Out of Trouble As A Teenager • Joe Biden’s Car Horn Rally In Detroit • President Donald Trump’s Dancing vs. Tommy’s Dancing • And More!

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