Episode 18 – Music & Words

by tommyedison

Topics: Tommy Looks At The World Through Social Media • Welcoming The Latest Patrons • Patreon Question: If Tommy Was Born Sighted, Does He Think He Would Have Ended Up In Radio? • What Are Some Jobs That Tommy Thinks He Would Enjoy Doing If He Were Sighted? • Would Tommy Ever Considering Working In Politics? • Sneak Peek At A New Video For The TommyEdisonXP Channel • Why “Ebony & Ivory” Was Banned in South Africa • Academy Awards in 1985 with Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Phil Collins • Tommy Tries To Describe What Donald Trump and Joe Biden Look Like • How Do Blind People Vote US Elections • Can of Questions • What Is Your Experience Like Going To Live Concerts? • Has There Ever Been A Moment In Your Life When You Thought You Could See? • President Trump Swears On The Rush Limbaugh Show • Presidents Swearing In History • Joe Biden Swearing • President Barack Obama Swearing In His Audio Book • George W. Bush Swearing • And More!

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