Episode 17 – Center Stage

by tommyedison

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Topics: Tommy Talks About When He Used To Be In A Band • Experiencing Stage Fright • The Podcast is Now Available On Amazon Music Podcasts • Guess What’s In The Mail • Introducing Our Patreon Page – Sign Up To Get Bonus Content • Streaming Services That Tommy Uses • Question From Twitter: Where Do You Feel Like Your Center of Consciousness Is In Your Body? • Stereo Recordings vs Mono Recordings • Who’s The Celebrity Making These Twitter Videos? • Moms Against Trump vs Moms Against Biden • Can of Questions • What Do You Think of When You Think About A Foreign Country? • How Do Blind People Vacuum? • Smart Vacuums, Robots, and AI • The Truth About Having A Sighted Person Around • In The News: Suzanne Morphew Missing Since Mother’s Day 2020 • Dr. Phil Interviews Her Brother Andrew Moorman Who Says ‘My Sister Was Murdered’ • Wrap Up • New Merch Available • And More!

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