Episode 16 – Cool & Soothing

by tommyedison

Topics: Tommy Bought The Prince “Sign o’ the Times” Super Deluxe Box Set • Buying Streaming Music vs Music As Physical Media • The Importance of Physical Media • Record Store Day Was Delayed This Year • Howard Stern’s ”Private Parts” Soundtrack Released Last Year • Remembering The Howard Stern Show • Freedom in Florida • Florida Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions Statewide • Floridian’s Celebrate As Reopening Begins • How California’s COVID-19 Restrictions Have Affected Tommy • Did Tommy Ever Try His New Egg Poacher? • Looking Back At The “How Blind People Cook Food Alone” Video • Quick Look Back At Tommy’s Video Making Pizza • Can of Questions • Sleeping & Dreaming Blind • Do You Experience REM While Dreaming? • What Does Waking Up Mean To You? • Do You Close Your Eyes When You Sleep? • Do You Think You Could Manage Being Deaf and Blind? • How Do You Check You Shoes And Clean Them If They’re Dirty? • Uber Announces Mask Verification • Tommy Asks “Do Sighted People Recognized Each Other While Wearing Face Masks?” • Tommy Asks “Can Sighted People Tell If Someone Is Pretty or Handsome If They’re Wearing A Mask?” • Kamala Harris Names Tupac Shakur As Her Favorite Hip Hop Artist Alive • When Politicians Try To Sound Cool And Hip • President Barack Obama Sings Al Green • Bill Clinton Plays The Saxophone • George W. Bush’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” • And More!

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