Episode 14 – Afternoon Talk

by tommyedison

Topics: Tommy Breaks A Bad Habit • Cigarettes Used To Be Sold on Television • Describing Joe Rogan’s New Studio To Tommy (Including A Rough Handmade Model) • Tommy’s Sister Has Been Watching The Show And Thinks He’s Gained Weight? • House of Mirrors • Playing Games At The Fair or Carnival • Amusement Park Rides • Milli Vanilli at Lake Compounce • Apple’s Event This Week • Problems With Apple’s iPhone Speech Recognition / Dictation • Consider Android? • New Daytime Talk Show Premieres This Week • The Drew Barrymore Show • Forgotten and Canceled Daytime Talk Shows • The Tony Danza Show • The Queen Latifah Show • The Jane Pauley Show • Can of Questions • The New “Can Cam” • Is It Difficult For A Blind Person To Tell If A Movie is CGI vs. Live Action? • When You Go To Live Sporting Events, Do You Prefer Sitting Close or Far Away? • What Makes Someone Hot To A Blind Person? • Face Mask Requirements In The United States • What U.S. States Require Masks In Public? • And More!

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Producer: Ben Churchill

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