Episode 13 – Cash Money

by tommyedison

Topics: California’s Heat Wave Almost Canceled This Week’s Episode of the Podcast • Rolling Blackouts / Power Outtages • California Fires – Creek Fire, El Dorado Fire, Valley Fire, Campers Trapped At Mammoth Pool Reservoir • Mammoth Pool & Creek Fire Helicopter Rescues • Guess What’s In The Mail • Sunglasses Voting Outcome • How Tommy’s Other Sunglasses Were Destroyed • ThatCaryGuy2 YouTube Channel Featuring Funny Car Horn Compilations • Can of Questions • Does Tommy Use Echolocation To Help Get Around As A Blind Person? • Gambling • What’s Your Experience Going To The Casino As A Blind Person? • Playing Slot Machines and Black Jack • Worst Part of a Casino • How Would You Describe The Smell of Money? • Tommy’s Luck with the Coin Shortage • Trump Pence & Biden Harris 2020 Campaign Songs • And More

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Producer: Ben Churchill

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