UFO Task Force, Declassified Footage, & An Alien Invasion – Real or Fake?

by tommyedison

Tommy Edison talks about the Pentagon’s recent announcement about forming a UFO Task Force, the declassified videos released by the US Military, theories about space and the moon landings, and President Trumps thoughts on aliens and UFOs.

This highlight is from episode 10 (https://youtu.be/fai_3zJPblM) of The Tommy Edison Experience Podcast (https://youtube.com/TommyEdisonXP2/).

Listen to Episode 10 on Apple: https://apple.co/315lMJq | Spotify: https://spoti.fi/345uJ7z | Google: https://bit.ly/2YbQBue | More Options: https://tommyedisonxp.simplecast.com

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