Episode 1 – Answers

by tommyedison

Topics: Most Common Questions About Blindness in Person
-What are the most common questions that people ask you in person?
-What are some of the awkward questions that you’re asked in person?
-Were you always open about talking about your blindness?
-How often are you asked about your blindness?

Meeting People
-When you meet someone, can you tell when they want to ask about your blindness but are afraid to?
-When you meet someone, what is the first thing you notice about them?
-Sighted people may judge a person by their looks. What does a blind person judge about a person aside from their personality or character?

Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder
-Are you affected by the Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder?
-Do you think it’s easier for you to fall asleep?
-Was it easier for you to hide that you were sleeping in school?
-Can you fall asleep with your eyes open?

2019 Movies
-How do you experience films heavy on visual storytelling, particularly mysteries?
-Have you seen the Cats movie and will you review it?
-Have you seen Star Wars: Episode 9?
-What movies have you seen in 2019?
-The Irishman review
-Once Upon a Time in Hollywood review

Podcast Channel
-What made you decide to switch to a live/podcast format?
-Why set up another channel?
-Are you still uploading to the main channel?
-Did you fix the YouTube notifications problem?
-Are you going to do more “Guess What’s In The Mail” videos?

Would You Like To See?
-Six years ago, you answered the question, would you get surgery to see? What’s your answer today?

Learning in School as a Blind Child
-How did blind people work out math problems in school (Long division, Algebra, Geometry)?
-What was your favorite subject in school?
-What subject were you best at?
-Have you ever learned any American Sign Language (ASL)?

-Are blind people afraid of the dark?

Can of Questions
-mystery question

Space vs 3D Image in Your Mind
-What is a blind person’s sense of space?
-Do blind people see things in 3D in their mind?
-What would be your visuals in your mind?

Thinking vs Looking Upward
-When a blind person tries to remember something, do their eyes look up?

Guessing What People Look Like
-In past videos, when you tried describing what people look like, what were your guesses based on?

Deaf Dog
-As a blind person, would you be able to have a deaf dog or would it be very difficult to train/live with a deaf dog?

Headphones L vs R
-How does a blind person know which side of their headphones are left and right?

Expired Food
-How does a blind person know if food is expired or spoiled?

Family Guy Voice
-Did Seth MacFarlane ever contact you regarding Family Guy after her recommendation?

Raising A Child Who Is Blind
-Do you have advice for parents of blind children?
-First time going to school?
-What’s something you would change about your experience at school?


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