The Test Show

by tommyedison

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Topics: Where Have You Been, Tommy?
Why haven’t you been posting videos on YouTube?

Taken Advantage Of
-Have you ever been taken advantage of because of your blindness?
-Have you ever been cheated when using cash/paper money?

Learning A Neighborhood Blind
-How does a blind person learn a new neighborhood without assistance?

Tommy’s Weight Loss
-Have you lost weight?
-How long did it take to lose weight?
-How do you keep it off?

Super Chats
-What have you been up to?
-Do you know how to speak any other languages?
-What’s harder – being blind or being left-handed?

Guide Dogs For Blind People
-Have you ever had a guide dog?
-Why don’t you use a guide dog now?
-How do you clean up after a dog when you’re blind?

Shopping For Blind People
-How do you shop for groceries when you’re blind?
-How do you order food at a restaurant?
-How do you buy new clothes when you’re blind?

-What’s the funniest experience you’ve had when a child asked about your blindness?

Super Chats
-Are you still a fan of Aurora Snow?
-Have you flown on a helicopter?
-How has technology changed or impacted your life?

What Do You NOT Want To See?
-What would not want to see if you could see for a day?
-Would you want to see what Prince looked like?

How Blind People Learn In School
-How did you learn things in school when you were growing up?
-How did you take tests at school?

How Blind People Dream
-Do you see when you dream?
-Do you ever confuse dreaming with reality?
-Does ‘touch’ play a part in your dreams?

Originally Broadcast Date: Dec. 1, 2019



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Producer: Ben Churchill

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