What I Learned From Technology

by tommyedison

Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, talks about what he learned from using the computer.

Photos Courtesy of
Kool-Aid – JL Welsh
H&R Block – David Schott
Louis Vuitton – Zoetnet
K-Mart – Mike Kalasnik
Kesha – Peter Neill
Casey Kasem – Alan Light
St. Louis – U.S. Army Corps of Engineer (Public Domain)
Lewis Black – Tabitha M. Mans
AT&T Building in Nashville – Kaldari (Public Domain)
Wal-Mart Supercenter – Ben Schumin
Wal-Mart – Sprew
Rock N Roll – Cliff1066
Shake N Bake – Chris
Guns N Roses – Ana Fuji Cake
Guns N Roses – Ed Vill
Pepsi Cola – Guian Bolisay
Matchbox Twenty – Marc Levin
Lil’ Kim – Area Lounge
Lil Jon – Gamerscore Blog
50 Cent – Alex Const
50 Cent – PopCultureGeek.com – Doug Kline

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