The Green Screen Show – Series

by tommyedison

Tommy responds to the comments posted on You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter. Each week, a different guest will come on the show and read comments to Tommy.

Respond To Comments – Ep. 2 – Natalie Nightwolf

THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Natalie Nightwolf

Featured Questions/Comments:
If you could have an iphone app designed for you, what would it do?
Do you turn lights on in your house when it’s just you?

Respond To Comments – Ep. 3 – Tad Lemire

-Tommy’s co-host on the STAR 99.9 Morning Show

Featured Questions/Comments:
-Is there any monument or wonder of the world that you wish you could see?
-Describe your favorite blind joke to do with sighted people.
-What do you think of the movie, “Hear No Evil, See No Evil?”
-Can you dance for us?
-Do you think we should get naked? I mean, what all the fear about being naked?

Respond To Comments – Ep. 4 – Norton

-Tommy’s longtime friend and former college roommate

Featured Questions/Comments:
-Is awareness aware of itself?
-If you could choose to see one city for a day, what would it be?
-Have you ever skipped out on paying or get free stuff because you’re blind?
-Why would blind people need You Tube? it’s not like they see any of it.

Respond To Comments – Ep. 5 – Franco from Franco’s Pizza

THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Franco from Franco’s Pizza

Featured Questions/Comments:
-If you weren’t blind, would you still be a film critic?
-Have you ever thought about doing stand-up?
-Who is your favorite musical artist?

Check out Franco’s You Tube Channel:

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